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About Nautydog Kennels

Nautydog Kennels

Nautydog Kennels was established in 2012, but we have been training dogs for 25 plus years. We offer training for hunting dogs for the average hunter and also obedience for your companion and best friend. Our training is based on silent commands and the correct use of the e-collar. Our kennels are located in Fallon, Nevada with several acres for our dogs to train and run.

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Tim Ricketts

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I have been training and trialing dogs for over 25 years. I started training horses when I was 13 years old, and trained many horses for cutting, reining and roping. I have had a passion for horses and dogs, and when I wasn't roping or working horses I would hunt my dogs.


I started trialing my dogs many years ago in Nstra, BDC, AKC and other events. A specific event is the Fred Smith competitions of Yerington, Nevada. I have won a few and lost a few but have seen a lot of great dog work.

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