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Seminars with Rick Smith

Occasionally in the fall, Nautydog Kennels hosts a dog training seminar with Rick Smith from Smith Kennels and Training. You can find more info at or by contacting Nautydog Kennels.


September 13-15, 2024

Intermediate Seminar
Meet & Greet dinner held on Sept. 12th (optional)

Nautydog Kennels

5215 Workman Rd.

Fallon, NV 89406

Registration closes a month in advance of event.

The Intermediate Seminar topics pick up after the Foundation Principles are taught and firmly instilled in your bird dog. A strong Foundation allows your dog to confidently begin this level. At this stage we are able to turn dogs loose in the field to locate and work birds. The points of contact instilled in the Foundation Level Training are what give us the ability to now transition to the remote cue of the e-collar and begin having our dogs heel off lead, handle in the field, and begin the steadying process.

This seminar represents the second of the three training levels and covers lessons developed during days 30-60 of a 90-day training format. At this stage we practice stopping our dogs at a distance with the low-level cue of an e-collar. This ensures that the dogs are comfortable and confident with the cue to stop. From that stage in training, we are able to begin the steadying process on birds in the field. Goals at this level include building each dog’s ability to proficiently locate birds and establish staunch points. The steadying process begins by “stopping the chase” and culminates with intense, steady points with dogs that are skilled at working scent.

At the end of the Intermediate Level Training dogs are proficient at working the field, establishing staunch points, honoring another dog’s point, and are steady. Ideally a dog at this level of training should have completed the whoa post series and have a confident understanding that a cue on the flank simply means to stand still. The dog should also be proficiently heeling on a loose lead, willingly looking to his handler for cues. This dog should be focused on birds, proficiently using their nose to locate game, and have a high level of prey drive.

If you feel your dog is not quite ready for this level of training, that is okay! Your seminar instructor will give you all the information that you need to get your dog to the Intermediate Level and get you on the path to continuing your dog’s training. Don’t let this seminar opportunity pass you by if your dog is not at the stage of training that you would like, there is still lots of to be gained by attending!

*Seminars begin at 8:00 each morning. There will be a break for lunch and the seminar will conclude at 4:00 pm each day. Each seminar agenda may fluctuate slightly depending on weather conditions, location, etc. It is a good idea to reach out to your seminar host for detailed information for this particular seminar.

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